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Should you join the group of smart business owners who regularly rely on me to grow their businesses… to grow YOUR BUSINESS?

Probably. But let’s make sure. Self-selection really is the best way to determine where you fit and what you’ll benefit from the most. When you click on the images below, make sure you pre-qualify yourself by nodding along (or screaming), “YES” to all the “if” statements ..


You know you need the right words to sell your products and services… but do you know what those right words are? Lucky for you I've got the formula and the goods to make your copy sing and your product sell. Let's talk funnels and headlines and see how we can get you making that money. Click the pencil above to discover more.

Product Creation

Ready to bring your know-how to the world but you're STUMPED on how to make it happen? Product creation is one of my majorly sweet spots. After we brainstorm your product, I will work with you to develop an outline, blueprint, and to-do list so that your product can meet the world (and make you some money in the process!) Click the building blocks to discover more.


Sometimes you just need to spend some time with someone who “gets it” and get your head screwed on straight. Let me work with you to talk strategy and put my knowledge to the test. Use my resources and the time I've spent studying all things marketing to your benefit – I'll point you in the right direction. Click the phone to discover more.


Got an audience that's craving high-level and quality content? Look no further! Whether you want to talk in-depth about the business of copywriting or put me on the spot with some headline ideas, I'm game to show your audience a good time and teach them a thing or two while I'm at it. Click the microphone to discover more.

Hold the phone though …

Not everyone who fits the criteria for each service will be a good Rock Your Marketing client. There are a few things that would prevent us from taking this relationship to the next level …
  • We're going to work best together if you've heard of Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, Ryan Deiss, Frank Kern, or any of their contemporaries. I’m not an elitist, I promise. Just a realist. Biz owners who have heard of these guys are more likely to already be on the same page as me. And everything about your work life gets easier when your clients are on the same page as you.

  • Feature List Item

    I don't like people with giant sticks up their butt that don't know how to have a good time. Business is personal – I like to talk on a human-to-human level and sticks in butts don't help that.

  • Feature List Item

    You can hire a cheaper copywriter or consultant. If that’s what you think will serve your needs best, please do! I’ve heard it said that “A cheap copywriter is worth every penny.” I totally agree! But that’s your call. I’ll never judge if you can’t make it work. Just don’t judge me if I don’t want to turn myself into that cheap vendor for you.

  • Copy of Feature List Item

    I do have some industries that I don't like to work in – health supplements that don't work, spammy marketing, and pyramid schemes, to name a few. Pretty much – if you're in the biz to screw people out of money, don't ask me to help you.

All that said, I generally like people and I’ll probably like you too. I tend to see the best in people (often when you can’t see it yourself) … and that’s a very good thing if I’m crafting the message to sell your product or services or if I’m architecting your sales funnel. I can really visualize the potential, even if you can’t.

But something tells me that since you’re here, you DO see the potential and that’s why you’re here. So let’s get the conversation started and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

There’s only one way to find out whether we make a profitable team …
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