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Alyson Lex

Direct Response Sales
Copywriter & Conversion Expert


Creating better copy means more of your prospects will become your customers... leading to a bigger business and more dollars in your pocket.

Alyson Lex is the copy coach and direct-response copywriter that makes the magic happen in your salesletters, landing pages, lead magnets, and email campaigns. She helps entrepreneurs just like you create winning copy for your business - whether you simply need a second set of eyes or you want someone to do it all for you.

She's got the experience (nearly 10 years of it!) to back it up - and she's written for clients all over the world, changing their incomes one sales page at a time. From her start at Glazer - Kennedy Insider's Circle (arguably the leading authority on all things direct - response marketing) to her current business serving private clients, Alyson lives and breathes this stuff.

Featured Presentations

Copy That Converts

Creating copy that converts can be tough – but when your audience has a simple 5-step formula to create their sales copy, it’s easy to implement in their business right away! Whether your audience has never written copy before or only written unsuccessful copy... or even if they’ve written and sold lots before, they can always learn how to communicate better with their target audience.

This 5-step formula is presented with:

 The 4 types of questions your audience should be asking about each of their customers and why the information is important to have.

 How to capture a prospect’s attention every time – and a fun little extra hack to make it easy.

 The one mistake most marketers make and how to avoid it (it’s built in to the 5 step formula!)

The Business of Copy

Hiring a copywriter is daunting, especially when you’ve never done it before. Hearing from a pro copywriter will give your audience insight so they can hire successfully.

I’ll help your audience navigate issues like:

 The difference between content & copy and how to find the right writer for each type

 Where to find a good copywriter & how much they can expect to pay

 What to look for in a copywriter (and avoid getting screwed)

 How to work with their copywriter for the biggest successes!

Funnel Architecture

The buzzword in today’s marketing, the FUNNEL is how your audience can build and scale business withOUT having to do all the work for each new lead that comes in.
I’ll help your audience discover the basics of building a winning funnel from start to finish.

I’ll share:

 Why your audience needs a funnel for their business (hint: sales don’t just happen!)

 What a good funnel looks like (with examples for your audience’s specific business)

 What to do when they’re NOT making sales with their funnel (fixing this could save their marketing!)

 The biggest thing that people miss when they’re building their funnels (and how they can make sure they don’t make the same mistake!)

“Alyson is smart, quick, effective and she is an expert with deep experience in copywriting. If it's not enough that she worked with Glazer-Kennedy, then you don't know much about copywriting - but it's also obvious from her work that she's taken their Jedi Training to the next level and put her own personal stamp on it. Highly recommended!”

Brian Carter
The Carter Group


Each Presentation is available as an interview, keynote,
breakout session, full-day training or in-depth coaching experience.


What Others Say

“I asked Alyson to be a guest on my podcast The Boomer Business Owner. I enjoyed our interview so much that I decided to release her episode as my first.She actually made ME relaxed during the interview with her conversational tone and subject matter (copywriting) expertise. Thanks, Alyson!”

Charlie Poznek

“Thank you Alyson! I enjoyed your presentation,
it was one of the best of the week for me.”

Melanie Merz
INBOUND ‘17 Attendee

“Thank you so much Alyson! Your session was
one of the best I attended all week.

Angie Gensler
INBOUND ‘17 Attendee

“Hey Alyson, my team loved your presentation at Inbound
--it was by far the most valuable (and pertinent) to our space. Well done!”

Laura Abel
INBOUND ‘17 Attendee

“It was
a fantastic presentation. I really enjoyed you working . on the headlines with the group. It showed us how easy it is to get the process started.”

Joshua Harrell
INBOUND ‘17 Attendee


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