September 14

3 Places to Quickly Find Customers

You have a product you want to sell right now. You don’t have time or the resources to launch a massive campaign. You want to find customers who will convert with the least amount of effort on your part.

There are two types of customers. There’s low hanging fruit and top of the tree fruit. The low hanging fruit is going to be one of your fastest paths to cash.

The low hanging fruit are the easy pickings. They are the fruit you can get without climbing the tree.

Low hanging fruit is still good stuff. It’s easy to get, and it has nutritional value.

These customers are easy to find and convert.

There are three places your low hanging fruit customers are hiding. Let’s unearth them, shall we?

Find customers who are already on your current list

First, you want to look at your current list. Easy, right? 

We shouldn’t even be calling this low hanging fruit. These are the apples that fall from the tree and somehow fly through your window to rest in the kitchen sink.

Reach out to prospects you’ve spoken to who never bought. Did they eventually find someone else? Was their problem solved?

If they bought from you, do they need anything else? Maybe your business also sells updates or complimentary services.

After all, working to continually move people through your value or ascension ladder is something you should be doing on a regular basis, regardless of your current marketing plans.

The best thing about these clients is you don’t need to put as much work into catching their attention. They already know who you are, they’ve already been hanging out with you.

Think of how much harder it would be fighting with fifty other businesses to get the attention of a client who’s never heard of you. 

Try to think about your own shopping habits for a second. You probably prefer vendors and retailers you’re already familiar with. In the digital era, they probably already have your details and preferences on file.

Same concept applies here. Humans are creatures of habit, and we’ll always gravitate towards the familiar in most situations.

Find customers through Referrals

If you have past customers that you’ve worked with, can they or will they refer you to someone?

This is easy to do. Simply remind them you like referrals. Also reward them for referring you. For instance, every time you get a sale from a referral, the referee gets a discount on their next purchase.

Something I do is thank my referrers with personalized gift cards, thank you notes, or gifts sent through the mail. These are always a pleasant surprise and help keep me in their “good graces” so they keep sending people my way.

What I love about referrals is they are practically free advertising. Because the prospect has already heard of how good you are from the horse’s mouth, all that’s left for you is to impress.

Again, go back to your own shopping habits. Which service are you more likely to trust – one used and recommended by a friend, or one where you only have the salesperson’s self serving word about how good they are?

Building out a complete referral strategy takes time – but there’s no time like right now to get started. 

Find customers through your network

The third place you can find customers is within your network.

I know you know people who serve the same people as you do. Or maybe you and someone you know offer complimentary services.

Is there an opportunity for you to partner with someone or could they refer you?

Can you create a package with someone?

For instance, maybe you are a web developer. What do most people need after creating a business website? Logos, photos, content, etc. So establish connections with content writers and designers, and they’ll probably return the favor.

I do a lot of work with Jennie, my podcast cohost. Sometimes she’ll rope me in when she’s creating a list for someone who also needs copy.

That’s a low hanging fruit opportunity. I don’t actually have to do much selling at that point.

See what you can do in your network to create those kinds of relationships with people. I think you’ll be surprised at how many people are open to that, especially if you can return the favor.

There’s low hanging fruit in abundance

It’s not rocket science if you’re trying to quickly find customers. You can always:

  • Reach out to people already on your list.
  • Ask for referrals.
  • Use your network.

The nice thing here is this is not an either-or situation. You can use any combination of the 3 to quickly find customers. Add these strategies to your ongoing marketing plans and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how much you grow… just from fruit that would otherwise rot on the ground.

Do you have any words of wisdom to share, or do you profoundly disagree with something I said and want to let me know? I’m all ears! Comment below and let’s talk about it.

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