that you can PROFIT from again and again, it’s time

If you’re ready to work JUST ONCE for something
that you can PROFIT from again and again,
it’s time to get your info-product created.

In fact… in some cases you may not have to work at all…

First, let's talk about why you might want to get your ass in gear and get your product created sooner rather than later.
  • Your energy, time, and effort would be more profitably spent on other things (like client service or managing the 758 other projects on your plate)

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    You’re not up for winging it. Truth is that’s way too expensive.

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    You know you could be making WAY MORE money if you just had someone who really knows what they’re doing take the whole copy that sells thing off your plate.

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    You’re interested in harnessing my formulaic approach that also relies on 6+ years experience in Emotional Direct Response Marketing so you can hit your target market with copy that really resonates and converts!

There are even many more benefits than what I’ve listed here. The point is that your marketing universe, authority, cache, reputation, and net worth skyrocket when you’ve got an info-product to offer.

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I’d LOVE To Help You Create Yours!

This is my favorite part!  And humbly, I must say that info-product creation is my sweet spot.  This is precisely my area of expertise.  My team and I created more than 25 info-products for Glazer-Kennedy when I was the Marketing Manager there and I’ve gone on to create even more for my private clients. 

But there are two things you should know before working with me to create your product …

1 – My “perfect fit” info-product clients are … ones who have a ton on their plate, know they could make MORE money if someone knowledgeable would do the heavy lifting for them so they’d walk away with an asset that’s ready to produce income.

What I’m getting at is that although I’m great at collaborating and this is definitely a team sport when it comes to ideas, the people who benefit from my work the most are the ones who are excited about letting go and letting me work my magic.

2 – I give a lot away (sometimes to my own detriment – I’m a work in progress!).  So keep that in mind when you choose someone to help you create your product.  If you want someone who will naturally and frequently offer unsolicited advice about your content, marketing approaches, or ways to maximize your profit, we’ll work great together.  I really just can’t help myself.

Typically, there are two types of Info-Product Creation projects I’m involved in …

Type 1:

Your Already Created Content Gets Reworked, Edited, Polished, And Transformed By Me Into A Finished Info-Product Ready to Sell

This is the type that has me revising existing printed, audio and video material to make a kickass product.  I’m involved from start to finish – you get me the product you have, I deliver you finalized product and marketing copy to go with it.  This works best if you’re already sitting on a good deal of content (articles, audio, video, workbooks, blog posts, etc.) and you’re ready to monetize it.

Again, I typically create the whole thing including copy, cover, images, etc.  You may also have audio or video that needs editing and including.  In those cases I manage ALL vendors involved with the project (gather quotes, hold them to deadlines, etc.) and deliver your finished and ready-to-sell masterpiece.

Examples of what I’ve done here …

  • Created a book (a real, self-published book) out of 20 years’ worth of articles created for industry journals.  Involved rewriting the articles (to some extent) and writing transition between articles.  Organized them into a cohesive “story.”
  • Rearranged a series of teleseminar audios from a membership site into 3 bonuses – audios were re-titled and positioned into categories with other, similar outcome audios.
  • Collected 24 Months’ worth of GKIC audios and created a product to include as a Gold+/Diamond Member bonus for signing up (added thousands of dollars of value onto the Membership)

Mike-Capuzzi-HeadshotIn business there are oftentimes many surprises, many of which are not so welcome (especially when it comes to working with outside vendors.) It's a fact that 99% of work-for-hire individuals will never care as much about your business or expectations as much as you do. Alyson Lex is part of the 1% and working with her is a delight and pleasant surprise. The work she delivered to me was on-time nad its quality exceeded my expectations. I cannot remember the last time I was able to say this and is testimony to her work ethics. I highly recommend Alyson for any business owner who is looking for an experienced marketer and a set of fresh, smart eyes!

Mike Capuzzi
Persistent Marketing, Inc.

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Type 2:

I Create Your Masterpiece From Scratch

This is type of product creation is typically a bigger investment, but I don’t create cheap product.  Selling my product at a high price point will recoup money VERY quickly.

Here’s what I’ve done along those lines:

  • Created a workbook from a transcription of a seminar (created questions to help them work through the material; created intense value)
  • Created a series of how-to guides based on a swipe file of images showcasing HOW to market effectively using graphic enhancements. (This one let me use my own knowledge to create a kick-ass product – and this one was lots of fun, too!)
  • Created 3 days’ worth of event presentations out of 6 MS Word pages.  This includes a 200 page manual with worksheets, swipe checklists, and the PowerPoint presentation itself.

I had to stop myself from typing “And much, much more!” here, but it’s true.  Again, not to toot my own horn too much, but I’ve got the gift of vision and organization.  Actually it’s the combination of those two things and the fact that I know how to get shit done that allows me to be such a prolific product creator.  Toot toot.

But the exciting part comes when the finished product is in YOUR hands … that’s when the real magic happens, because then you’ll be able to put your teachings in the hands of thousands of people that need the knowledge that you have. 

And guess what else?  You only have to make your time, energy, and financial investment to make this product ONCE.

But you can sell it for decades!!!

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