Does Your Audience
Think Sales Copy Is Confusing, Overwhelming, or Un-Doable?

Let's get them UNstuck with their copy

If you have a podcast or stage that serves:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Coaches
  • Course Creators
  • Authors
  • Service Providers

and business owners who want to up their marketing game but don't know how...

And you KNOW they need good copy...
Then I'm your next guest!

Hi, I'm Alyson Lex

I've been writing sales copy since 2007 - from funnels and sales page to emails and direct mail.

If it's sales copy - I've written it.

What's more... I've worked with countless clients building campaigns, brainstorming offers, increasing traffic, growing their email lists, and in general making their businesses run better and more profitably.

I'd love to chat with you to see if we're a fit for your audience - and see how we can help them get UNstuck with their copy!

Because the truth is - good sales copy IS accessible and I love to help your audience get there.

Plus... we're just gonna have a good time, aren't we?

So Why Am I The One To Teach Your Audience About Sales Copy?

Like I said before... if it's sales copy, I've written it.

Which means emails, sales pages, direct mail, landing pages, upsells, downsells, and everything in between.

And my stuff WORKS!

  • In certain instances I've gotten a 92.6% opt-in rate on a landing page.(yeah. I was stoked.)
  • A 44% conversion to a $297 sale on a sales page (from warm traffic.)
  • I routinely get over 50% opt-in rates on landing pages that I write.
  • Products I've created have generated tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.
  • I consistently beat what's already working with clients.

AND I am not shy about sharing EXACTLY what to do with your audience. No holds barred. No secrets. 

Just as much of a firehose of information as your audience can handle.

What You Can Expect From a Guest Like Me...

I Don't Hold Back

I'll answer any question honestly, openly, and with as much information as possible. I'd rather overwhelm your audience than make them feel like they wasted their time.

I Know The Ropes

I'll answer any question honestly, openly, and with as much information as possible. I'd rather overwhelm your audience than make them feel like they wasted their time.

Fun Is The Name Of The Game! 

Your audience doesn't want to be bored to tears while listening... so I'll work with you to not only create an awesome episode that's got a TONNNN of content... we'll have a lot of fun making it happen.

I L-O-V-E to Promote

Look, I know why we're doing this - to get those sweet, sweet downloads and provide great value to our audiences. I'm totally here for it - and as your guest, I'll promote the HECK out of our episode together!

My team will share about the episode on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook - and we may even grab an audiogram or two! (And if you give me assets or copy... we'll make it happen even faster and more often.) PLUS I'll share about it not just when the episode drops... but as part of my ongoing content efforts! 

THEN I'll turn our episode into a blog post on my own website, giving you those backlinks and embedding a player (probably spotify because that's easy, but a YouTube video will work if it's there, too!) so people can watch directly from MY site and you still get the downloads.

This post will be optimized for SEO on Google AND Pinterest - so we have lots of opportunities for eyeballs (earballs?) on your episode.

I also LOVE to share stories about previous appearances on FUTURE appearances, so I'll probably drop your podcast info sometime down the road there, too.

I will share my appearance with my email list. And there's even MORE in the works to help use the content you & I will create together to educate my audience and drive downloads your way.

Let's Build This Episode, Shall We?

Below are some topics and sample questions we can cover. 
Pick a topic, mix & match, or come up with your own...
I'm an easy interview.

The Psychology of Copy

  • What motivates people to buy?
  • How can I create copy that will speak to the emotional & logical needs that drive a buying decision?
  • How can I understand my audience more so I can solve their problem?
  • What mistakes do people make when speaking to their audience?

Copy 101

  • What's the difference between content & sales copy?
  • How do I get started with writing copy?
  • How do I write a good headline (and do headlines even really matter?!)
  • What do I need to know about my audience to write good copy?
  • Email Marketing

  • How do I get my emails opened?
  • What metrics should I be tracking for my emails?
  • Should ALL my emails be automated?
  • How do I write a good email?
  • How can I effectively promote my thing through email withOUT worrying about unsubscribes?

  • Sales Funnels

    • What exactly IS a sales funnel?
    • Do I need a super huge, complicated funnel in order to be successful?
    • What do I do if my funnel isn't converting? (And what does "converting" look like?)
    • What are some important things to keep in mind when building and writing my funnel?

    Product & Course Creation

    • Everywhere I look there's another course or program on the market. Should I even bother? 
    • Why will people buy what I'm selling when there's so much information for free?
    • What's your trick for creating products fast and easy?
    • How should I price my courses and programs?

    Hiring a Copy Expert

    • How do I even FIND a good copywriter?
    • What should I look for when I hire someone to help me with my copy?
    • Let's be frank: how much should I expect to pay for this?
    • How can I work with my writer for the best experience?

    Want to Hear Me In Action?

    Below are two playlists that I keep up to date with my appearances - feel free to listen or watch and get inspired for your own show! 



    Ready To Help Your Audience Succeed? Let's Talk.