October 5

FOUR Huge Mistakes I See Business Owners Making With Their Websites

If you’re going to invest the time and money it takes to put a web presence out there… then invest the extra time it’s going to take to make sure it’s doing the right thing for your business.

These 4 things can be used as a starter checklist to AUDIT YOURSELF and make sure that your website is working at its fullest potential.

MISTAKE #1: Talking About Yourself TOO MUCH

I get it – it’s YOUR website. You want to showcase how amazing you are, and how great your offerings are. (We all want to do that, don’t worry!)

But your homepage just isn’t the place to do it. Your homepage’s job is to make your potential customer feel like you UNDERSTAND THEM. That you’ve created a place where they can get an answer to their problems. That they’re in the right place to solve whatever pain it is they’re having.

If the first thing I see on your homepage is information about you… you’ve immediately created a disconnect for me. And I’m more likely to check out without ever checking out what you have to offer.

ACTION ITEM #1: Count the number of times you say the words “I,” “me,” “my,” or your name on your homepage. Now, rewrite your copy until it’s 25% of this number. (if you use those words a total of 20 times, for example – cut it down until you’re only using 5 of them.)

ACTION ITEM #2: Make sure you don’t talk about yourself AT ALL in the first 3 paragraphs of your copy. You should only be talking about your customer and the problems they have.

MISTAKE #2: No Clear Call To Action

Now that you’ve got your site appropriately customer-centric, it’s time to make sure you’re driving them to do what you want them to do. Many times, I see no clear call to action on a website AT ALL, and I’m forced to simply use the lazy (yes, I said it) contact form if I want more information.

ACTION ITEM #3: For each page of your website, ensure that you’ve got a clear, defined “thing” you want your visitor to do. Want them to opt-in to your freebie? Great, get an opt-in form on the sidebar or a popup. Want them to schedule a discovery call? Put that button in there! Your CTA doesn’t have to be the same for each page, but you should know what each page is uniquely designed to do.

MISTAKE #3: Not enough copy. (Believe it.)

Copy vs. design is a heated battle in the marketing world. Which should come first? Which is more important? And of course, “But I want people to understand MY BRAND.”

Here’s the hard truth: your logo and your colors and the professional photos you had done… they don’t mean a whole lot if you’re not telling people how you can help them. All those branding assets are not going to mean anything if you’re not putting dollars in your pocket and change into the world.

BEFORE you design your website, you should have had copy created. The sales messaging on your website is what drives conversions – design aids the copy.

That means that your headline’s TEXT is more important than the logo that’s next to it – do NOT make your picture or your logo or your brand bigger than the benefit people will get from working with you!

And while I love having a beautifully designed website (Thanks Jason!)… I know it’s the copy on my site that’s getting people to hire me and thus putting food on my family’s table.

ACTION ITEM #4: OBJECTIVELY look at the copy & design on your site. Have you allowed design to rule the kingdom here? If so, consider revamping your copy and design to more accurately connect with your buyers and letting the design do what it does best – support the messaging and user experience in a back-burner kind of way.

MISTAKE #4: Too many choices

It’s a really common thing for people to want to offer everyone something – because if I have something for everyone, then everyone is my client… right?


I’m a little guilty of this too, so I’m talking to myself as much as you are right now.

How many service offerings do you have? How many products are you selling on one site right now? How many CHOICES do your people have when they land on your homepage?

If the answer is more than, frankly, 3 or 4, then you’ve got too many. (and for the record – I have like 7. So I’ll be taking my own Action Advice on this one.)

There’s a saying: The confused mind doesn’t buy. If you offer TOO MANY CHOICES, your clients will feel frozen and will take NONE of them.

That’s right. Doing NOTHING is easier than choosing between too many options – which means the more options you have, the more likely you are turning away people.

ACTION ITEM #5: Make a detailed list of your offerings – sorted by freebies, service offerings, and products. If all of these offerings are equally represented on your website, then you’re likely confusing people.

The goal here is to build a process – a funnel, if you will (and Jennie can help you map that out if you want – PM her to book a Funnel Consult) – so that you’re capturing leads by offering ONLY the freebies and low-priced products up front and then increasing the value of that lead by upselling them BEHIND THE SCENES.

(That’s the beauty with funnels – everything is behind the scenes so the first interaction they have with you is easy to understand and even easier to jump into.)

So there you have it – the 4 biggest mistakes I see on websites and how you can take a step RIGHT NOW to fix them.

I told you which action item I’m going to be working on first (good ol’ action item #5)… which one will YOU be working on first?

Do you have any words of wisdom to share, or do you profoundly disagree with something I said and want to let me know? I’m all ears! Comment below and let’s talk about it.

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