January 18

How To Solve Business Issues With Sales Copy

We all know that great copy is key to starting a marketing campaign, website, or any business effort. Using the right words to foster trust and connection, persuade, and convert customers is what leads to sales, after all. 

Copy isn’t just good for that initial contact, though. When your customers are dissatisfied or confused, or you’re facing a mid-quarter slump, copywriting can be the tool that helps you to overcome some of your business challenges quickly and effectively. 

Here’s how to solve a couple of the top challenges businesses face using copywriting.

Dissatisfied Customers Or Negative Reviews

Knowing that your business failed a customer is the worst. To work so hard to develop and launch your business, only to result in dissatisfied customers, can be a crappy feeling all around… and some of the things they can say in reviews can seem unnecessarily harsh. 

OR you can see dissatisfied customers for the opportunity they are. We all, as humans and as businesses, miss the mark with our efforts at least sometimes, and unhappy customers are going to happen for any business, even the most popular. It’s what you do with those unhappy customers that can be the game changer, and great copy can help.

First, public negative press offers you an opportunity to also make things right publicly. When a customer comes to you privately with a complaint, you can handle it privately and no one is the wiser. But when a customer calls you out on your website or social media, or posts a review to a third party site, this is the time to launch a killer copy response that shows not just that customer, but every customer, that you care about fixing your clients’ problems.

This starts with a sincere apology, and a request that the customer allow you to make things right. When a customer posts something negative about you online, the worst thing you can do is try to fight the comment or downplay the concern. Treat every concern as carefully and attentively as you would your own.

Then, actively work to understand the problem and fix it. If this sounds familiar, it is! This is the copywriting process all over again – explain a problem, connect, find a solution, win hearts. Only this time, you have the opportunity to win back your original customer and impress passersby with your stellar customer service and sleek responses.


Visibility is arguably one of the top concerns for companies. With millions of ad messages and businesses vying for consumer attention every minute of every day, it’s a feat just to get someone to notice your business. Great copywriting steps in here to rise above the clutter and get your business the visibility it needs. 

Take this ad for example:

It’s different and just shocking enough that you take a second look at it, exactly as intended.

Obviously, the image is what grabs your attention here, but in the following ad, it’s the copy that makes you look again:

Lack Of Cohesive Branding

Branding is important for visibility, trust, and loyalty, but it’s a tough problem to solve, since there are so many aspects of branding that have to come together in one nice package. Design is critical in any branding effort, but the language, tone, and overall verbiage that you use in your branding is important, too. Many copywriters might even say more so. 

Check out this example from Poo-Pourri:

Their social media accounts carry the same voice: 



And Facebook:

Using a cheeky tone in nearly every message, and a friendly vibe, Poo-Pourri masters the art of conversation and keeps their audience interested in what they have to say. 

This cheeky, personable branding is something that images alone couldn’t convey, but it doesn’t have to: copywriting delivers.

In short, copywriting is the start of a great marketing effort, but it’s also the middle…and the end, too. Great copy can take your business places you may never have even dreamed about, helping you to solve both your customers’ and your problems in the same page. 

Next time you have a problem come up in your business, remember that copywriting could be one of the solutions – and depending on how well it’s executed – it may be the best solution you’ve got.

If you want to talk more about your sales copy… let’s chat. We’ll brainstorm, come up with some ideas, and I’ll share how I can help you make it happen. 

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