November 23

How to Perform Funnel Analysis Using Conversion Checkpoints

Your conversion funnel is the entire online process that eventually results in customers buying your product. At each stage of the buying process, there is a checkpoint/spot where conversion can drop off. When this happens, you need to perform a funnel analysis.

Funnel conversion problems start with driving traffic. Whether you're running ads, using organic promotion, podcast, interviews, or whatever other promotion tactic you’re using… there is always the possibility something will go wrong.

When it does go wrong, you might feel stuck on where to start or how to fix it. But by performing a funnel analysis of each of the steps in the conversion process, also known as funnel conversion points, you can fix the problem in no time.

It’s time to analyze your funnels with conversion checkpoints

This funnel analysis business can sound intimidating. It’s tempting to just toss stuff up and say, “Okay, if it doesn't work, I'm gonna fix it all.” By doing that, you're possibly breaking something that would work. You’re throwing out the metaphoric baby with the bath water.

For instance, let’s imagine the only problem you have is that you’re not getting clicks… BUT you decide to fix everything without identifying the real issue. You’re now getting all the clicks you ever wanted. But in the process, you messed up a perfectly good landing page. Which means you’re now back at square 1 and having to fix your funnel all over again.

That's why your conversion checkpoints are essential for funnel analysis. Without them, you’ll end up trying to fix what isn’t broken. Best case scenario, you spend more time and money than necessary. Worst case scenario, you fix the problem but break something else and still don’t get the results you’re looking for.

Want my help identifying the problems in your funnel? Book a call with me and we’ll see what kind of data you have on your conversion checkpoints. 

Performing Funnel Analysis on Your Landing page

You are now getting tons of traffic on your landing page. Congrats! 

If the high amount of traffic is not leading to opt ins, though, I take back that congratulations and say “okay, now we know we still have work to do.”

If you're getting traffic, but not opt ins (or you’re not getting as many as you want), you have a landing page problem. 

A little caveat: it can still be a traffic problem. Maybe you're driving the wrong traffic. It could also be a copy, landing page, or a niche problem.

Once people have opted in, where you take them from here really depends on what you're doing with your business. In a traditional funnel, you're now taking them to some sort of sales page.

If you're getting a lot of opt ins, but you're not getting any sales, you have a sales page or an offer problem. After a potential customer has read your landing page, maybe they’ve even gone to the product page, there’s still something stopping them from taking that final leap. Check this out if you are struggling to write an offer that produces results.

Funnel Analysis Checkpoints Examples

I've had people come to me and say, “I'm not getting sales. What can I do?” Obviously, they come to me thinking they need a better sales page. This is seldom the case.

When we dive in and look at the problem, we realize that they're actually getting a decent sales rate. It's just not that high, because they have a landing page problem.

They're driving a ton of traffic and their sales page is converting, but their opt in page isn't converting. This is usually the result of an opt in page problem.

By diagnosing the funnel problem of these customers, I was not only able to save them money in fixing a sales page that didn't need to be fixed, I also saved them from changing funnel elements that were working perfectly.

Another client I spoke to was thinking, “Hey, you know, I've got a landing page problem. I'm driving a ton of traffic, but they're not converting.”

When I looked at his ads, I realized that they were targeted at one specific niche. Yet his landing page wasn't really speaking to that same niche. there was a disconnect between his ad and his landing page. The page was good, the ad was good, but they didn't match each other.

That was a niche or an ad problem. We fixed it, and we were able to go ahead and improve his conversions.

Email Conversion Problems

Another step in traditional funnels are email follow-ups. When I create a funnel, I go from landing page to sales page. And then I follow up with people who don’t purchase via email. So if you are sending emails to non buyers, and you're not getting sales, you have an email problem.

If you're getting opens, but no clicks, you have an email body copy problem. Whatever you’re writing in your emails is not convincing people to click on the link to go to the next step.

If you're not getting opens, you have a subject line problem. Which means they’re not even reading your email, so we don’t know if you have an email body problem too… so we’ve got to solve your subject line problem FIRST and then see if they’re clicking once we get the open rate where we want it to be. 

If you're getting those clicks, but no sales, that brings you back to the sales page or offer problem.

Here are tips on writing good email copy.

As you can see, there are very few things that are likely going wrong. We keep coming back in circles to the same problems. By understanding each of the conversion checkpoints in your funnel analysis, you will now easily be able to diagnose where to focus your attention first.

Are people clicking?

So you post on Facebook, or run an ad, or create an Instagram video or a LinkedIn article. People will click… or they won’t. That right there is your first check point.

The question to ask yourself: Are you getting traffic to the page from the advertising medium you're using? 

(If you’re not sure how to tell – check in the ads manager of whatever platform you’re advertising on, the analytics of your page builder, or through Google Analytics.)

This works whether you’re driving traffic from speaking, podcasts, offline advertising, social media, or any other platform. The more detailed you want to get, the more sophisticated your tracking mechanism should be.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you're on the radio, or you take out an ad in a local newspaper. Whatever you're doing, your ad to landing page is your first conversion checkpoint.

If this isn’t working, you have an advertising or promotion problem.

From there, all you need to do is fix the problem. Either look into ways of driving more traffic to your landing page or change your ads or posts.

If you are successful, you’ll see more people go to your landing page, which also happens to be the second conversion checkpoint.

Do you have any words of wisdom to share, or do you profoundly disagree with something I said and want to let me know? I’m all ears! Comment below and let's talk about it.

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