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(Hint: that’s to make a sale!), IF …

  • Your energy, time, and effort would be more profitably spent on other things (like client service or managing the 758 other projects on your plate)

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    You’re not up for winging it. Truth is that’s way too expensive.

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    You know you could be making WAY MORE money if you just had someone who really knows what they’re doing take the whole copy that sells thing off your plate.

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    You’re interested in harnessing my formulaic approach that also relies on 6+ years experience in Emotional Direct Response Marketing so you can hit your target market with copy that really resonates and converts!

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Here’s What The Smart Kids Are Doing
(to get MORE sales) …

Whatever kind of promotion you have in mind, you’re going to need good, compelling copy.  And if you slap together some text that kinda sounds good (maybe, sorta) well … you’re gambling.

Most of my clients don’t want to gamble with their income.

They want to know they’ve dotted all of their I’s and crossed all of their T’s before putting something out there to the world.

You too?  We must be kindred spirits.  I don’t like gambling either.

Here’s an idea …

How ‘bout you put my 6+ years of experience, intense and continued marketing education, and rocking instinct to work for you? 

I happen to think it’ll pay off in a BIG way.

In fact, if you’re like many of the people I work with, once I write a few things for you, you’ll be back again and again, because it just makes good financial sense to have my brain on the job.

But first, to be clear, my expertise is in writing sales copy … not novels or press releases.  If the point of the copy you need written is ultimately to sell something, I’m your girl.

My clients report to me that when I write their copy …

  • They get MORE sales

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    They’re relieved to have such an important task in expert hands so they can focus on what they’re best at producing for their business

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    They’re more confident about their businesses because they know they’re getting this part right so they sleep better at night

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    They’re generally happier people (well, maybe they just seem that way to me) – because who in the world wouldn’t be happier when they’re getting more sales and sleeping better?

When it comes to “writing content and copy” I often have found myself procrastinating so much so that what I'm supposed to get done, never gets done! That is until I met Alyson– Alyson is one of those copywriters who quickly becomes a copywriting coach who gets down to the task at hand immediately, breaking things down into bite size manageable pieces that makes sense and feels even more doable. As a hired copywriter, Alyson can take the essence of any program or product and craft it into the perfect language that has the ability to attract your target audience like a bee to honey. It's amazing and quite honestly, an art form– an effective, money producing, revenue generating art form!

I have always found Alyson to be never short on BRILLIANT marketing and promotional ideas and quick on her feet. She not only knows sentence structure and grammar– requirements of course for any good writer– she KNOWS MARKETING and knows how to craft these words into powerful “sales getting” paragraphs. Worth every penny of the investment you'll make — don't hesitate, hire her for your next project. Your bank account and sanity will thank you for making such a great decision!”

– Theresa French

Focus Works, LLC

You need to get in on this action.

Here’s how I can help …

I am a forever learner and I’m open to adventure, so I’m up for new things, but the following bits of copy are right in my wheelhouse (meaning, I’ve got lots of experience writing them and plenty of samples to share with you) …

Website Copy 

You know, it’s that thing on the internet that is essentially THE message you put out to your prospects.  Yeah, that thing.  I write lots of website copy with the singular goal of converting those online Looky Lous to paying (and referring) clients for you. 


Whether you’re selling your consulting services, selling an event, or an info-product, your sales letter is really where the rubber meets the road.  This is where people hear what you have to say about your offer.  This is where they get all the details and figure out if they’re willing to part with money to get what you have.  It’s a big deal.  Yup, I write ‘em all the time.  In fact, I probably write more sales letters than anything else.  What can I help you sell with a sales letter?

Email series 

Because there are a lot of people who will buy from you when you follow-up with them.  There’s a method to it and if you do it right, you capture a lot of sales that your competitors let fall through the cracks.

Funnel Architecture 

This special service is for my copywriting clients who don’t know what offer to create first and what copy needs writing next.  Often times they don’t know even what their ultimate core offer is or how to maximize profit from everything they have going on.  That’s where Funnel Architecture becomes vital.

Don’t think of it as a weakness if you don’t have the vision for it.  You rock at what YOU do.  This is what I do.  I can look your existing products and rearrange them and create campaigns to maximize what your offerings are to get you big upfront paydays and long-term recurring revenue.  I can even CREATE YOUR CONTENT FOR YOU if I need to.

All projects include a 30-minute initial consultation and comprehensive written information document (answering the questions on this document alone are going to give you so much clarity about your business that you'll wish you had done it earlier!)

Got something not on the list? I’ve actually written lots of things not listed here.
These are just the most frequently requested items.

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