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Even the most astute marketers hire “guns” like yours truly for projects like these.

What I’ve discovered is that most entrepreneurs have some major chaos going on in their minds. They’re flooded with ideas. Sometimes they even have almost full visions of their perfect marketing funnel.

But typically, they don’t have the ability to organize that brilliant mess into a todo list that gets them paid what they’re worth (FAST). And that’s where I come in.

My consulting services can range from funnel architecture (where I map out your sales funnel from lead magnet to return path) to complete implementation of your marketing.

Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, I can help by lending my years of in-the-trenches experience (working with hundreds of business owners like you) to your project.

But first, let’s talk about specifically who would benefit from consulting with me …

  • Are you big on ideas, talent, and service, but short on vision, organization, and the experience you need to know what to do first, next, and next after that in order to grow your business? Reread that one. A lot of entrepreneurs are in that boat. There’s SO much potential, but a significant lack of direction. Does that describe you?

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    Are you hell-bent on succeeding and motivated to do what it takes to move your business forward?

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    Are you tired of doing it all, planning it all, and being responsible for every little detail that’s so important to keep your business afloat, let alone thriving?

If you answered yes to those questions … we need to talk.

Christopher-McCann-Headshot“Whether you are looking for stellar copywriting, creative strategy, the best cupcakes you've tasted or just simply someone who is a blast to work with… you will find all of these and more with the Alyson Lex experience because her years of working behind the scenes with the best in the marketing industry have culminated in forming a superbly talented business woman who makes the copywriting or strategy process a breeze.

I am happy to give my highest endorsement to Alyson Lex because of her robust skillset, attention to detail, never ending stream of creative ideas, and her sense of humor that truly makes any project a fun adventure to the land of profits.”

Christopher McCann
Outlier Marketing & Design

What’s so great about consulting with me?.

My marketing strategies have resulted in significant conversion and income increases for my clients. 

But, what might surprise you is that I’ll never pretend to have all the answers.  No one does.  There’s rarely a time that I encounter an “unchartered territory” scenario when working with a consulting client, but if I do, I’ll be sure to tell you.

Another benefit to working with me is that I tend to naturally bring structure and order to what is typically chaos inside the entrepreneur’s mind.

This is the BIG thing that I bring to the table.  It’s not just experience, knowledge, and creativity (although that stuff is important too).  I’ve got a knack for putting it all together in such a way that helps you get shit done and gets you profiting more and faster than working without me.

In some (very rare!) cases, I even take over and implement for my clients.  If that interests you, boy are you going to be excited to have me on your team.  Really, I don’t mean to toot my horn all day, but TOOOOOT TOOOT.  I am the implementation QUEEN.  I learned the hard way how to get 783 things done (exactly right) in one day.  I’m not super woman.  It just takes practice.

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