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Two phrases that will help you connect with your customer

Who is your customer? If you say the guy with the credit card, you’re correct. You’ll also never connect with your customer if you just view them as a money-making machine.

Customers are people. When you reach out to them, you are connecting with a fellow human.

In today’s world, even though we’re super digitally connected, we are still very much isolated. That’s why we all want to feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

If you use these two important things in your copy, you’re going to help your customer feel that connection with you. In the process, the customer will find themselves part of something bigger.

And boom, you and your customer have a connection.

You are not alone

The first thing to tell a potential customer is “You’re not alone.”

By saying you’re not alone, you’re letting them know that other people have experienced the exact problem that they have right now. There are thousands, if not millions of other people who’ve gone through that same situation.

One of the things about being in pain, is we tend to feel like we’re the only ones in the whole world who’ve ever experienced it. We simply can’t understand that other people have gone through it too.

This happens because we live in our own heads. We don’t have access to what other people are experiencing internally, so we feel like we’re the only one that’s going through that situation right now.

In the dating world, if I’m having trouble finding the right partner, I must be the only one who’s feeling this way. Surely, I’m the only one that’s not in a relationship. It’s easy to feel that way.

If I’m struggling with growing my business, it can feel like everybody else is so super successful. I must be the only one struggling.

By telling them and showing them that you’re not alone, you’re giving them that community of people who have been where they are. You are telling them they’re not the only ones living in this hyper pain filled state.

Once you give people a community, you give them a connection. And that’s what we’re after.

More importantly, you are telling them there’s a way out. And who holds the map to that much needed exit? You.

How do I tell them they are not alone

Of course, having an ad that reads “You are not alone,” sounds too corny. Starting your email with “70% of man over the age of 30 suffer from X,” might be triggering for some.

That’s why you got to be subtle. Enter testimonials, one of the most powerful marketing tools in existence. 

Testimonials are statements from people who’ve successfully used your products. They let a customer hear from someone in their situation. 

And because testimonials prove you are trusted by members of that community, a potential customer is more likely to place their faith in you.

You can read more about testimonials here.

I understand

You’ve now shown the customer they are not alone. Just as important, is letting them know you understand.

We don’t only want to know there is someone else going through what we are. We also need to know someone out there empathizes. 

It can feel like no one else could possibly understand our situation. This ties back to the whole living in your head thing.

This is why after doing proper research, you need to show them they are not alone, and you understand. 

After that, the next natural step is you being the one to hold their hand through the problem.

As you can see, you don’t need grand innovative ways to connect with your customer. You simply need to treat them like humans.

It’s not that hard to connect with your customer

So your customers now have a community that understands them. They are not alone, and there is someone who understands them. Even better, you are right there, ready to land a guiding hand.

Use that in your copy, and it will help convert because part of what you’re selling is an understanding community, where help is available from you.

If you are not sure how to connect with your customers, book a call with me today.

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