Attention Authors (perk up if you’re considering writing a book too) …

How The Smartest Amazon Bestselling Authors
REALLY Make Money From Their Books…

Follow their formula to monetize your book and create
without a publisher or complicated distribution channels.

So you’ve written a book. Great job! Now you can access all the benefits of writing a book – like

  • Speaking Engagements
  • Radio and TV Opportunities
  • PR Fodder
  • Higher Fees In You Core Busines
  • Big Name Clients
  • Share Your Message With The World
But it doesn’t take very long to realize that a book is really just the beginning… that if you want to TRULY monetize your book, you’ve got to build an empire behind it.

See, here’s the thing: your book is going to give you a few things. Credibility, mostly. Some good PR if you use it to get on the appropriate podcasts or radio shows. And it’s a FANTASIC way to impress the pants off (or more accurately, the wallet out of the hands of) your prospects and customers.

But as you’ve probably discovered by now… you’re not going to make a mint off of book sales unless you’ve written the next Jurassic Park or 7 Habits of Highly Successful People.

Sucks, doesn’t it? You’ve put all this effort and time into creating your own magnum opus, your best stuff packaged in a whole new way… and it’s not making you the money you want it to make.

Keep Reading To Discover Precisely How The BIGGEST Authors Leverage Their Books to Increase Their Income…

Most authors write their book as the end goal – and their marketing efforts direct everyone toward buying a copy of their book.But most MARKETERS use their book at the beginning of the sales process – the book sales drive sales of a higher priced product. Here’s why this is such a big deal: When you create a product or a program in your business, you can then use your book alongside all the other marketing you do to drive signups and purchases for that product or program.
That means that instead of hoping that people will buy your book in large enough quantities to pay a handsome royalty… you’re taking control of your income and putting the book precisely where it belongs: at the beginning of the process.

The Key To Unlocking Huge Income Shifts With Your Book Is To Create a Course Based On The Material In It

Most authors ignore this. They end up sitting on a source of content gold that they’ve poured their heart, soul, time and money into writing their book… and then they end up getting zero financial gain from it.

But once you realize that your book is your launching pad, you can use it to help you easily promote whatever you want. And you’re sitting on a goldmine.

I freely admit that creating a product or program or course can sometimes be easier said than done. After all, if you’re not used to creating courses it can seem like an overwhelming task to build it from the ground up. And if this is you… You’re certainly not alone.

Most people (even the super savvy ones that are info-marketing veterans) struggle with where to start when they’re creating programs.

What I’ve discovered is that they either don’t know where to start… they don’t have the time to devote to creating it… they don’t know enough to end up with a program people want… OR they simply don’t have the expertise to put it all together and end up with a great product that people will pay them for.

That’s why I’ve developed the Book To Seminar Program. It’s exactly what you need to go from dollars-for-hours and fighting for clients and wishing your book did more for you… to leveraging your expertise and changing the way your income happens.

The Book to Seminar Program takes the pressure off…
turn over creation of your product to me.
(And I'm damn good at what I do.)

If you can have a friendly conversation with me (and I'm SUPER friendly), then you can have your own info-product.
My name is Alyson Lex and I’ve been living in the info-world since 2008.

Info-Product Creation is my favorite part!  And humbly, I must say that info-product creation is my sweet spot.  This is precisely my area of expertise.  My team and I created more than 25 info-products for Glazer-Kennedy when I was the Marketing Manager there and I’ve gone on to create even more for my private clients. 

But there are two things you should know before working with me to create your product …

1. My “perfect fit” info-product clients are … ones who have a ton on their plate, know they could make MORE money if someone knowledgeable would do the heavy lifting for them so they’d walk away with an asset that’s ready to produce income.
What I’m getting at is that although I’m great at collaborating and this is definitely a team sport when it comes to ideas, the people who benefit from my work the most are the ones who are excited about letting go and letting me work my magic.

2. I give a lot away (sometimes to my own detriment – I’m a work in progress!).  So keep that in mind when you choose someone to help you create your product.
If you want someone who will naturally and frequently offer unsolicited advice about your content, marketing approaches, or ways to maximize your profit, we’ll work great together.  I really just can’t help myself.

The Book To Seminar Program will give you a completely done-for-you product that you can sell, using the information you’ve
ALREADY compiled for your book.

One-Hour Recorded Consulting Session

It’s during this time that we’ll really drill down to your goals. We’ll talk about how you can use your information and ensure that the deliverables are tailored exactly to your plans. Plus you’ll have the recording so you can refer to our discussion later.

Completely Customized Powerpoint Presentation

This presentation will be designed specifically for your business. With your logo, your colors, and all the information you’ve put in your book… neatly outlined and easily presentable to a room full of people or a video camera.

Workbook with Exercises

These exercises will give you a take-home deliverable for your audience – as you go through your material, you’ll be encouraging them to do the work required to really understand and implement whatever you’re teaching.

Professionally Designed Cover Art

My very own graphic designer will take care of designing your cover art for your workbook so that you don’t even have to think about anything – just get it printed or put it online and you’ll be ready to go!

Printing Instructions For Your Vendors

Not everyone has “printer-speak,” so if you’re hosting live workshops or creating in-hand materials, you’ll need to know your options. Luckily, I’ve got that under control and I’ll give you all the info you need to pass along to your vendor.

Fully Editable Documents

You’ll receive the fully editable documents once the project has finished so that you can make ongoing changes. From the Powerpoint presentation to the MS Word version of the workbook to the editable PSD file of your cover art, you’ll get it all.

All of these things will combine to create a kick-ass training or seminar or workshop or event that you can deliver and get paid on WELL BEYOND what you make from your book alone.

(To be fair, if you want to take what I’ve outlined here and create your own program from your book, there is literally nothing that will stop you. In fact, I invite you to create a product based on the information I’ve put here in this letter if you feel that you will actually get it done!)

Here’s the thing about that:

Knowing where to start and how to create a product that actually delivers the content you want to deliver and teaches what you want to teach… that knowledge doesn’t just happen overnight. That knowledge and experience happens when you do it over and over again in multiple situations and for multiple people.

(Yes, I know this because I’ve done it.)

I got the first-hand knowledge from the masters on how to create info-product from content that already exists, because I’ve done it over and over and over again.
I spent years working at Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, soaking up information like a sponge… but not just the information that we packaged. While I was creating products, I got a first-hand look at what it takes to create a GREAT product that actually sells.

Do You Know…

  • How to best package your information to present the highest value?
  • What elements of a presentation will help your customers and clients actually implement?
  • How your product will work with all your other content to create an info-empire?
  • Where to start with creating your program?
  • How to create a product that's easily marketable?
  • How to title your offering so it sounds sexy (and like something people want)?

I do.

Earlier, I told you that my team and I created over 25 products during my time there… and that’s not even getting into the number of people that I’ve helped with their info-businesses since my time at GKIC.

But my education on the topic didn’t stop at GKIC – the opposite, actually. Since GKIC, I’ve invested countless hours and just as many dollars into my own education – from mastermind groups to live events to products that others have created to developing relationships with other super-smart marketing brainiacs that have all taught me something about how to really make a difference with your info-product.

So while I invite you to take my process and use it for your own benefit to create your own program… I think it’s pretty easy to see how having me do it for you is the easier and more cost-effective option.

With the Book To Seminar program,  you don’t have to do anything but send me your book!

No, really, that’s it. All you have to do is send me your book in hardcopy and PDF and any cover art files you had commissioned for your book. I take it from there. In a matter of weeks, you’ll have everything you need to host your own

  • Event
  • Webinar
  • Coaching Program
  • Teleclass
  • Workshop
  • Seminar Series
  • Training

withOUT lifting a single finger to create the presentation or format a single question!

These events or programs or workshops can be sold over and over again (and the content can be recorded to package as a home-study product later!) which means you can literally make money for years down the road… all from the content you’ve already put into your book.

I know it sounds simple – because it is!

Imagine what it will be like when you FINALLY have the income and the business you desired when you began writing your book…

When you are able to help people achieve their goals withOUT stressing over the details of how to teach them what to do…

What your life and business will look like once you’re able to take that crucial step toward creating your empire…

That’s what will happen when you invest in yourself with this program.

Recoup 100x Your Fee – Easily!

“Alyson Lex has been such a fantastic resource for my company. If you are any of those things too – and you need help with marketing strategy, how to design a profitable funnel, how to write killer copy that converts, and how to design a product and service empire with investible opportunities at every possible level — you have to hire Alyson Lex. It's just that simple. Now keep in mind, I'm a professional marketer myself. But when I need those things, I turn to Alyson for her brilliant advice, insights, and recommendations. Alyson is the marketer's marketer. Absolutely top-notch brilliant ideas, genius implementation and execution strategies, and you'll easily recoup 100 times the fees you invest. Hire her now – DO IT!”

David Newman, CSP
Amazon #1 bestselling author of Do It! Marketing
and Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)

Warning: This is NOT For Everyone.

This service is ONLY for the implementers, the ones that will see a positive return from the investment that they’ll make with me.
See, it’s a bummer to put a ton of work into something that I don’t get to see go live. It’s happened before (and I’m sure it will happen again), but I love watching my clients see the success I know they can have.
So if you’re an investor but not an implementer – a buyer, but not a doer – then I’m sure there are better ways for you to spend your money. But if you’re one of those people that can’t wait to have a new layer of your business to sell and leverage… then this is precisely what will give you the tools you need to get there.

This program is easily worth $25,000+.

(Consider that just 5 spots in a $5k Workshop Series would 100% cover that investment.)
But I know that’s not super accessible to everyone.

Your Total Investment For This Program is $9,500.


If you’re ready to take content you’ve already created and transform it into an entirely new asset for your business, then quite simply… I urge you to jump at the chance for me to create that asset for you.

Now, I obviously can’t work with every single person that will want this service for their business – there simply isn’t enough time in my already busy client calendar. Because of this, you will have to apply to be considered for this service.

I’m not saying that to inject false scarcity or act like I’m so in-demand that everyone wants a piece of me. I’m simply saying that we’re going to need to review some basic information to make sure that the Book To Seminar program is a good fit for your business (and vice versa!)

So here’s your next step:

Simply reach out to me at and schedule a call with me to talk about your project. We’ll see if we’re a good fit to work together and we’ll go from there.

Here’s the thing (and it’s the cold, hard truth):

If you think that you can simply take your book and create a product or seminar or workshop from it using the method I told you I would be using… more power to you.

But what I see happen more often than not is that it gets pushed down the priority line. Things pop up that WILL take your attention and focus away from creating your program. You WILL take 3 or 4 or 5 or even 10 times as long to create your program… and then you’re also going to be juggling your current business with the creative part and it’s going to feel like a MAJOR DRAG.

Isn’t it better to just trust someone (me) who has done this before? Someone who knows exactly the steps to take and what will be a great end result? Isn’t it better that I take the time and make it MY priority so it actually… gets finished?

Don’t talk yourself out of taking a HUGE step forward in your business simply to save a few bucks or because you’re not sure. I’m not asking you to marry me at the end of this salesletter – I’m asking you to get on the phone with me for 15 minutes and make a commitment that could radically change the way your business looks in a matter of months.

Her Experience Puts Her In The 1%

“In business there are oftentimes many surprises, many of which are not so welcome (especially when it comes to working with outside vendors.) It's a fact that 99% of work-for-hire individuals will never care as much about your business or expectations as much as you do.

Alyson Lex is part of the 1% and working with her is a delight and pleasant surprise. The work she delivered to me was on-time and its quality exceeded my expectations.  I cannot remember the last time I was able to say this and is testimony to her work ethics. I highly recommmend Alyson for any business owner who is looking for an experienced marketer and a set of fresh, smart eyes!”

Mike Capuzzi
Creator of CopyDoodles

Smart, Fun, and Talented

“Whether you are looking for stellar copywriting, creative strategy, the best cupcakes you've tasted or just simply someone who is a blast to work with… you will find all of these and more with the Alyson Lex experice because of her years o working behind the scenes with the best in the marketing industry have culminated in forming a superbly talented business woman who makes process a breeze.

I am happy to give my highest endorsement to Alyson Lex because of her robust skillset, attention to detail, never ending stream of creative ideas, and her sense of humor that truly makes any project a fun adventure to the land of profits.”

Christopher McCann