You Really Only Need to Know One Thing to Improve Your Copy...

...And That is Who to Call

(Keep reading to discover why I'm here to help you
with just that.)

My Promise To You For This Free Call

No Hard Pitch 

You’re not signing up for a pre-scripted sales presentation. This call is so we can get to know each other, talk about the project, and see if we’re a fit. No hard pitch, ever. I guarantee it.

Collaboration, Baby! 

I can’t turn off the ideas, and I’m not shy with sharing! I’ll happily give you every idea I have on how to improve or implement your marketing (whether you ask or not.)

Real Expert Advice

I’ve been at this a while - which means you’re getting first-hand knowledge from clients in multiple industries. I’m not just a copywriter - I’m a student and lover of marketing.

Hi, I'm Alyson.

I’ve been writing direct response sales copy since 2007 (that's more years than I'm ready to admit to out loud...) with a few of the following results:

  • One landing page I wrote had an 82+% opt-in rate... and another came in at 92%, and another at 96.4%.
  • A copy review I completed resulted in $25-$30k in additional revenue for the business owner (see the video testimonial below!)
  • I was the Director of Marketing for Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle and my copy contributed to millions of dollars in sales of events, products, coaching programs and memberships.
  • A client of mine increased optins by 21% and she's converting at 25% to the sale.
  • A salespage I wrote converted at 44% to the sale on a $297 program
  • The first salesletter I ever wrote resulted in over $8,000 in under 3 days from a list barely over 200 people. (I guess I'm just that good.)

I’m also a crazy cat lady (I have 6 of them) and have once been bitten by a giraffe. Neither of those contributes to my copy skills, but the giraffe thing is funny at least.

My whole goal is to be radically authentic and transparent - and to help you do the same so you can attract, engage, convert and serve your best clients… and build a GREAT business doing it.

Want Some Proof?

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