Before we talk about me…

Let's Talk About YOU

I'm shaking things up on the about page.

Normally, this is where you read all about the company or service provider and why you should pay attention to them. (I've got a ton of reasons, by the way.) But who cares about me?! Let's talk about YOU. Because let's face it… YOU are why I'm in business to begin with.

You do NOT have to go at this marketing thing alone. You do NOT have to know everything, learn everything, or do everything yourself to be successful.

You just have to know where to turn.

Look, I know you probably want to be able to do it all. I get it. I want to be able to handle everything in my business all by myself. But when you try to do it all yourself, you’re going to hit burnout faster than you’ve ever imagined.

Let's talk about how you can build your business and get that “dream life” you hear so much about…

Direct Response Sales Copy Is THE Tool That Will Convert More Leads To Customers

And Put More Money In Your Wallet.

This direct-response marketing thing... it's what I DO. It's how I've put food on my family's table for years - and it's how I've helped business owners just like you grow bigger and reach higher.

I’m the former Marketing Manager for Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle - and my very first salesletter generated nearly $9,000.00 in less than 3 days to a list barely over 200 people.

My copy and marketing strategy contributed to a campaign that generated over $1 MILLION at an international event attended by more than 1,000 people.

And now, I’m a hired-gun for all your marketing “stuff.”

Like many business owners & entrepreneurs, my goal is to provide the best life I can for my family. (I mean, come on – how cute are we?!) I'll spare you all the nitty-gritty details (other than the fact that they're both named Joe!)… I just wanted an excuse to show off a few of my favorite photos. 🙂

Now… back to how I can help you grow your business…


Creating better copy means more of your prospects will become your customers… leading to a bigger business and more dollars in your pocket.

I'm the copy coach and direct-response copywriter that makes the magic happen in your salesletters, landing pages, lead magnets, and email campaigns.

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Product Creation

If you’re ready to work JUST ONCE for something that you can PROFIT from again and again, it’s time to get your info-product created.

You've got assets in your business that are sitting and collecting dust. Don't you want them to start earning their keep instead of wasting space on your hard drive?

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My marketing strategies have resulted in significant conversion and income increases for my clients.

Whether you're tired of planning and doing it all or you're just short on big ideas… let's talk and see how my brainpower can help grow your business.

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Looking for an experienced guest expert for your stage, screen, or microphone? Oh boy, am I your girl. I come alive when I'm teaching audiences about copy and how it impacts their businesses… and I'd love to show your audience how copy can be accessible to them no matter what niche they're in.

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I want to help YOU make your marketing – and your business – fun and profitable.

Brian Carter,
The Carter Group

“Alyson is smart, quick, effective and she is an expert with deep experience in copywriting. If it's not enough that she worked with Glazer-Kennedy, then you don't know much about copywriting – but it's also obvious from her work that she's taken their Jedi Training to the next level and put her own personal stamp on it. Highly recommended!”

John Gibbs,
Mint Media Agency

“I've worked with Alyson for 8+ years and she is a GOLDMINE of knowledge and strategies when it comes to direct response marketing. She is always on top of the smallest details while keeping an eagle-eye on my big picture goals. Those are the hard-to-find traits that I'm always looking for in a Marketing Expert. And most importantly, those are the traits you NEED in order to produce MASSIVE results. And when it acomes to planning, creating, and executing Highly Effective Marketing Campaigns, Alyson is the most creative and professional person I know.”